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Demag D 1000 / 275 NC III

Manufacturer: Demag
Type of machine:  1000 / 275 NC III
Year: 1989
Delivery time: now
Terms of Delivery: EX - Works
Location: Awans - Belgium
Controlversion: NC III
Screen text: Dutch
Operating hours: 97.574 hrs.
Price: on request

Technical details

Clamping unit
Clamping force: 1.000 kN
Size of mould platens (h x v): 540 mm x 540 mm
Distance between tie bars (h x v): 360 mm x 360 mm
Mould opening stroke: 350 mm
Mould height min./ max: 200 / 400 mm
Max daylight: 750 mm
Hydraulic ejector - stroke: 120 mm
Ejector force forward/backward: 45 / 25 kN
Injection unit
Screw diameter: 38 mm
L / D 19,3
Injection pressure: 1340 bar
Screw Stroke  mm
Stroke volume: 160 ccm
Shot weight, PS: 145 g
Injection rate:  ccm/s
Screw speed:  1/min
Plasticising rate max.:  g/s
Nozzle pressure: 68 kN
Electric and Hydraulic Equipment
Nominal capacity of pump motor: 22 kW
Installed heating capacity: 10,8 kW
Dry cycle number:  1/h
Reservoir capacity: 285 ltr.
Dimensions und weights
Dimensions of the machine ca.:  
      4800 x 1400 x 1900 mm
                               weight: 3500 kg
Wedge type anti-vibration pads
Additional information
- Robot Interface Euromap 12
- 1 x Core

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